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Easy to read - step by step instruction - follow along with the author as he demonstrates - casting - presentation - equipment - landing your fish & more

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This book is designed to help you learn & understand the basic techniques of fly fishing. Learn along with the author as he discusses;

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                                                         Fly rods                     Nymphs, dries & Terrestrials

"Learn to fly fish" 

for men & women

Book with free demonstration video

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All the information you will will want to know in easy to follow & understand steps. We will cover areas of equipment, clothing, accessories, lakes & streams, casting & presentation, trout, knots, flies, how to determine which type of flies to use, and catching & landing your fish.

                                            The seven parts that make up a fly fishing outfit

Free demonstration video included, (approximately 20-minutes of easy to follow demonstrations & lessons)

With step by step instruction by the author

This book is available in either book form or downloadable from this site.

                                         Book & video                           Fun on the water

Now, picture yourself in a cool stream, pack up your fly rod, waders and enjoy a wonderful day of fly fishing.

Makes a great gift, for that outdoor person on your list.

Price: $ 11.95

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The free video demonstration is approximately 20-minutes long with all the explanation, guidance & close ups that will make casting, presentation & knot tying easy to understand & do.